Our History

Since its incorporation in 1972, the Quesnel Tillicum Society has worked continuously in its mission to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of First Nations and other peoples faced with adjusting to the social, economic and cultural lifestyles of the Community. The present Friendship Centre was built in 1974. With the long term goal of making a true difference economically, environmentally and socially through service to the community, guided by accountability and a strong code of ethics grounded in First Nations Principals, the Quesnel Tillicum Society has helped individuals and families surmount problems and achieve success for over 40 years in the Urban environment.

Serving the City of Quesnel and Area, The Quesnel, BC Tillicum Society / Native Friendship Centre offers FAS info, drug & alcohol programs, employment information and counseling, youth outreach, and family support. In addition to providing Hall rental facilities for community events, The Quesnel Tillicum Society currently hosts an annual Pow Wow and an Aboriginal Day Celebration.

Current programs being offered at the Friendship Centre include Fetal Alcohol & Drug Effects Worker, Mom’s Group, Mom’s for Recovery Program, Drug and Alcohol Program, Youth Employment Counselor, Youth Outreach,  Family Support Worker, Family & Legal Law Advocates,  Family Finder & Cultural Programming.


The Friendship Centre Team

Tony Goulet

Executive Director

Cindy Lepetich

Assistant Executive Director, Family Support Worker

Rebecca McCarthy

Accounting Department

Bailey Storoschuk

Alternative Dispute Resolution Facilitator

Mark Twan


Adele Lilienweiss

Mental Wellness Clinician

Katie Mullin

Poverty Law Advocate

Brenda Bonin

Family Finder

Dorine Greene

Youth Outreach

Tammy Burrows

Cultural Programmer/Strengthen Families Through Kinship

Lynn Petersen

Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Debbie Lojstrum

Early Childhood Years Coordinator

Amy Robertson

Cultural Learning Centre Coordinator

Dalton Spooner

Community Kitchen Facilitator

Kathy Canuel

Employment Coordinator

Leslie Hildebrand

Family Law Advocate

Uwe Beuschel

Youth Probation Outreach

Nicole Arnold

Family Resources/Outreach Worker

Roberta Headrick

Cultural Plan Co-ordinator

Cindy Osip

Casual Reception

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